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Therapy For Grief and Loss in Phoenix, AZ

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Therapy Services

Grief and Loss Individual Therapy

If you've experienced grief or loss in your life, you may be feeling a wide variety of emotions. I can help you feel safe and supported through your difficult days.

Grief & Loss Therapy

Grief and Loss Group Therapy

Our family and friends can be helpful in supporting us with our grief and loss, but you may feel like you want to be among people who "get it." Get support from others who are in a similar place.

Grief & Loss Group Therapy

Grief and Loss Family Therapy

When a family experiences grief and loss together, it can bring up a lot of turbulent emotions. Exploring how to manage grief and loss as a family can be a valuable support in a tough time.

Grief & Loss Family Therapy

"What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

- Helen Keller


Hi, I'm Chris

I help individuals, groups, and families who have experienced grief or loss and are interested in finding peace.

I'm not actually a therapist the picture above is just a stock photo of a model. This website is a demo website for Empathysites, a website design service for therapists. However, if I was a therapist, I'd put something like the following here:

Everyone grieves differently and grief can often be unpredictable. It's possible to come to a place of acceptance on your experience and live in serenity with your grief and loss.

There are ways to manage the hard emotions of grief and loss. In my safe, non-judgemental therapy space, grief and loss is something that we can work on together.

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